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What is
The Dance Worlds? 

"Dance worlds is a dream come true. For me it is the competition you dream of going to, whether you are coaching, dancing or watching it is just a true honor to be involved in the dance worlds. As a kid I dreamed of attending a competition of this caliber and I know my kids have those same dreams. So as a coach it is an amazing feeling to watch your dancers eyes light up when you bring them to dance worlds cause you know you are helping their dreams come true!"

— Amy Jones

"Dance Worlds is a journey not a final destination. It is an experience that words cannot describe. It is a place where pride, sweat, tears, dedication and determination culminate. It is a goal that motivates everyone on our team to be champions on and off the floor!"

— Sheila Trost

"The Dance Worlds has changed my life. It has taught me what hard work really means and I can relay that to many other aspects in my life outside of dance. Dance Worlds gives dancers an opportunity to achieve their dreams. It is a blessing to be given an open stage with a respectable audience and an elite panel of judges. There are many dancers in the world that aren't provided opportunities like this. The Dance Worlds portrays dance like no other competition. With passion, athleticism, and most importantly, sportsmanship. It teaches dancers the drive and hard work it takes to achieve our highest dreams."

— Tyler Scott

"The Dance Worlds is a place where dancers from all over come together and share the same dream. It is a place where true passion and strength is displayed on one stage. It is a place where one can dance for the love of dancing and that alone is good enough. It is an amazing experience that creates memories that will last forever."

— Brianna O'Grady

"Worlds is the place I haven't left from the moment my eyes saw that stage and ever since then nothing compares to it. All day long when I can't stop running my routine in my head, I can't help start to dance in my head every time a song plays and blurt out every new idea that pops into my head even though no one knows what I'm talking about. Worlds is where I belong and it's the closest thing to my dream of being a dancer.... It's like a fairy tail"

— Alexa McKenzie Patey

"The SuperBowl of dance!!"

— Tiffanie Cowser

"A phenomenal experience like no other. A place to make new friends and for dancers to show their love and passion for dance!"

— Alison Gannon

"The Olympics of dance. The opportunity of a lifetime. The amazing opportunity to show your skills and succeed."

— Jillian Alsnauer

"Almost lost it tonight describing to a first time Worlds competitor just how life changing this experience will be for dancers and cheerleaders. The only place where over 70 countries come together with all genres of dance, cheer teams, studios and all star dancers unite as one highly technically astonishing, respectful supportive International community. Best wishes to all!"

— Leslie Dorman

"Dance Worlds is an amazing display of sportsmanship and athleticism! The best experience ever.:) Teams come from all over the world to celebrate the love of dance. It is an awesome experience as a coach, spectator or be in the company of such greatness allows your kids to feel like they have accomplishes something no matter what the outcome."

— Stacy Fabrico Rowe